About Us

We are Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest was born out of a passion for the outdoors. We are an independent eco-conscious adventure travel company that started from humble beginnings. Our ethos is based on respect for the outdoors, coupled with a love for adventure, and a goal of putting smiles on the faces of every one of our partners and clients. We specialise in educational based outdoor activities for people of all ages. The workshops have been specially crafted for kids looking to learn more about the outdoors, to adults seeking to tick off their bucket list. We are based in the United Arab Emirates, but our adventures span the globe.


Join us and fulfil your dreams.

MeetThe Team

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a market leader in providing authentic experiences for our clients with a focus on customer service that incorporates consideration to our Partners and the Planet we call home.



To be recognized as a business that provides experiences that inspires people to achieve and celebrate the best in themselves. Our goal is to provide experiences that produce healthy wellbeing, leadership and character development through adventure-based experiences.



Providing a business model that is sustainable and gives back to the environment and the people we engage with. We aim to achieve sustainability in every facet of our activities.

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Nabil Habbouche


Nabil is the founder of Adventure Quest and currently lives in Dubai, UAE. Nabil currently sits on the Board of Directors as Challenge Director, with Gulf For Good, a not for profit charity org that empowers people to do amazing things through adventure travel and help kids in need.


His passion is spending time outdoors away from the rat race by sharing his passion for anything outdoors with others, including his two boys. ​ He has a love for Adventure travel, a yearning to learn about other cultures, in both knowledge and taste. ​


When he's not spending time in the mountains, you can find him outdoors, near the water, teaching kids how to swim, or engrossed in the daily news.


Hana Habets


Hana moved from the Netherlands to the UAE more than 5 years ago. She was inspired by her father, who introduced her to hiking as a child in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. She is now exploring her own corners of the world & has visited over 30 countries so far!

For Hana, the experience of the trip and the comradery that ensues is always more important than the competitive element of being first, fastest or reaching the highest point. She loves hiking, canyoning, camping, exploring cultural and historical sights, swimming, kickboxing and wake boarding.

During the week, she enjoys enjoying the perks of living in a city like Dubai and looking after stray felines. However, her secret to happiness lies in the spontaneity of exploring new places, being outdoors away from the city and large crowds, and keeping things simple.


Ajmal Hasan

Education Manager

 ​Ajmal is a longtime friend of Nabil, is an avid outdoorsman and self taught nature lover who currently resides in the UAE .


Ajmal is currently the Education Manager at Mleiha Archaeological Centre, a Sharjah government entity where he oversees the management of several educational programmes. ​


Ajmals' passion is wildlife and photography. You can usually find him in the desert chasing reptiles or discovering new flora species in the wild. ​


When not in the outdoors, Ajmal usually is talking about the outdoors and his experiences to school kids and natural history groups nationally and internationally.

Our Values


Without question, safety is one of the core elements in our Ethos. We are committed to safe practices and processes in all our operations. 



We value integrity as a core value and as a foundation stone in every activity we undertake. We insist on fair dealing and respect for all those that we engage with. We encourage fair play, equality, honesty and ethical behavior from our staff, our suppliers and our customers.


Our people are our most important asset and integral to our culture. With the love for the outdoors as our bonding agent, we see our customers, staff and suppliers as important pieces in our success. It is this core culture that enables us to put smiles on the faces of the people we deal with every day.

Social Responsibility

We value the environment we work in and the people we work with and encounter. We therefore adhere to the seven “Leave No Trace” Principles in order to reduce the impact of our recreational activities on the environment. Furthermore, we support the local communities and people by utilizing local companies and operators where possible in order to strengthen those communities and stimulate their economies.