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Trip highlights


  Experience a unique Iftar adventure to remember in a wild wadi farm

  Learn about Emirati Iftar cuisine by our campfire under the stars

  Learn the etiquette of Arabic tea and coffee, and experience how it's made

  Optional sunset hike, stargazing and night-time herping

  Venture into the local area and experience the traditional way of life

  Learn how water is the lifeline to the people of the mountains

  Learn how they use, store and transport it through falaj systems

If you have never experienced an Iftar in the UAE then you are missing out. We invite you to join a rustic Iftar adventure to remember where we set up a BBQ campfire showcasing traditional evening Emirati Iftar.

Set in a secluded, cool mountain wadi with a palm plantation farm you will feel like you are in the heart of Emirati culture from years past. Our camp will be made up of an outdoor Emirati majlis complete with cushions, carpets and lighting. We will enjoy two delicious Iftar meals under the stars.

You can learn about Ramadan traditions and the science of fasting. There will be time for prayer as well as some insight into the etiquette of Arabic tea and coffee making.

While for most, local culture stay up all night spending time with family and friends and spreading out the evening Iftar meal. You can choose to join us for some short activities during the night with us or relax between meals!

Please make sure to check 'what to bring' section for this activity. Should you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch.


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Activity details

 Meeting time:
4pm start and 12pm midnight ending
(total experience 9hrs)

Meeting location:
To be provided after booking

Driving time from Dubai:
~1hr 25min


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What is included

  A unique and authentic Emirati Iftar experience in a mountain wadi

  All food & beverages (Evening iftar meal (chicken/meat, rice, vegetables, vegetarian option available, Emirati sweets, dates, fruits, local coffees, teas. Nibbles throughout the evening)

  Majlis set up with cushions, seating, carpet, lighting & Ramadan ambience in a wild wadi

  Toilet and washing facilities

  Our commitment to global standards of keeping you safe during this activity

  Our dedication to preserving the environment by adhering to Leave No Trace principles

  An experienced guide with international mountain leader training

  Experienced outdoor first aid responders & first aid kits

  Extensive risk assessments for the activity in line with best practice principles

  Insurance coverage for your involvement in this outdoor activity

  Satellite phone & walkie talkies

  Outdoor education specific to your activity location

  A community sharing the inclusive love for the outdoors and wellbeing

  A chance to live wild, learn whole and explore freely

What to bring

3L-4L of water
Suitable hiking and camping clothes (warm clothing for evening cooler temperatures)
Decent hiking shoes / closed shoes by the campfire
An inclusive spirit, good appetite, positive attitude and lots of smiles

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