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Trip highlights


  Stunning views of the Hajar range, Jebel Jais and wadis

  Pass by a traditional mountain farm with panoramic views

  A great workout with some 100m vertical stairs

  Marvel in the incredibly green hidden oasis, walk through bush as high as your knees

The Hidden Oasis hike is a super enjoyable activity with stunning scenery which is incredibly green when in full bloom during the winter season.

This is our favourite spot in UAE, which is accessible only by hiking - for approximately 3 hours. Well worth it!

The starting point will be from the top of Jebel Jais road. We will then go down a trail, passing a farm, then continuing down some steep mountain steps until reaching the hidden oasis.

The total hike will take around 6 hours depending on group pace and including breaks. As there are steep steps, some may find this challenging coming back up. Make sure you take around 6L of water and sun protection.

Trekking poles and appropriate hiking footwear with ankle support and strong soles are highly recommended. Please make sure to follow 'what to bring' section for this hike. Should you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch.

Hikers with not appropriate footwear (trainers) will be turned away.

Activity level

Hike Difficulty - Grade 3 Intermediate

 Meeting time:
Meet at the top of Jebel Jais road at 6.45am for a prompt 7:00am start (no 4x4 required)

Back to start point:

Driving time from Dubai:
~2hr 15min


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What is included

  Our commitment to global standards of keeping you safe during this activity

  Our dedication to preserving the environment by adhering to Leave No Trace principles

  An experienced guide with international mountain leader training

  Experienced outdoor first aid responders & first aid kits

  Extensive risk assessments for the activity in line with best practice principles

  Insurance coverage for your involvement in this outdoor activity

  Satellite phone & walkie talkies

  Outdoor education specific to your activity location

  A community sharing the inclusive love for the outdoors and wellbeing

  A chance to live wild, learn whole and explore freely

What to bring

Lunch, snacks
3L-4L of water, rehydration tablets
Sun protection
Suitable wicking hiking clothes
Decent hiking shoes
An inclusive spirit, positive attitude and lots of smiles

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