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Trip highlights


  Leads to a unique hanging garden amongst a dry waterfall

  An area rumoured where the last Arabian Leopard lived before it was shot

  Generously shaded most of the way

This is a relatively moderate-medium level route, suitable for those looking to test themselves before attempting one of our harder, longer trails.

Leopard Canyon is the place where the last Arabian leopard is said to have been killed in the UAE. There are locals that believe that the leopards are still present in the area, but are very elusive creatures.The hike terrain starts off on an easy graded road, until we get to Ghail Village and some ancient abandoned village. The next section continues into the wadi and is a generous grade, but soon enough the grade increases, and the hike will require some boulder hopping and scrambling.

After several turns, we arrive at an amazing cliff overhang that has some wonderful and live hanging gardens where there is running water seeping through rocks, and gives you an insight into how locals lived here for centuries. An early start will ensure we get plenty of shade, but the walk back will be in the sun, and will require sun protection. We will break at the hanging gardens before heading back along the same path.

This route will have 250m of elevation gain, and will be a good test for those wanting to test themselves on a shorter hike before committing to a bigger one. The duration will be 2-2.5hrs each way.

Activity level

 Meeting time:
Wadi Ghalilah at 6.45am for a prompt 7:00am start (no 4x4 required)

 Expect to be back:

 Driving time:


What is included

  Our commitment to global standards of keeping you safe during this activity

  Our dedication to preserving the environment by adhering to Leave No Trace principles

  An experienced guide with international mountain leader training

  Experienced outdoor first aid responders & first aid kits

  Extensive risk assessments for the activity in line with best practice principles

  Insurance coverage for your involvement in this outdoor activity

  Satellite phone & walkie talkies

  Outdoor education specific to your activity location

  A community sharing the inclusive love for the outdoors and wellbeing

  A chance to live wild, learn whole and explore freely

What to bring

Lunch, snacks
3L of water, rehydration tablets
Sun protection
Suitable wicking hiking clothes
Decent hiking shoes
An inclusive spirit, positive attitude and lots of smiles

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