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Trip highlights


  A moderate off-roading adventure taking you through the wilds of Ras Al Khaimah

  Rustic camping with traditional Emirati BBQ on a mountain with sunset views

  Optional hikes incorporated along the way

  Many amazing photo opportunities

  Learn to drive on mountain “off-road” tracks with professional guidance

Car Requirements


Must be in good mechanical condition with up to date servicing:

  Spare wheel should be in good condition and the key to any locking wheel-nuts be easily locatable

  Car should have off-road insurance

Activity details

 Meeting time:
ADNOC Petrol Station - RAK
12.00pm for a prompt 12:30pm start
(4x4 mandatory)
Must be 4x4 with LOW gear

 Expect to be back in Dubai:

 Driving time from Dubai:


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Trip Details


Welcome to off-roading with Adventure Quest!

This is an entry-level off-roading experience including overnight camping and optional hiking in the area.

The route takes you through the wilds of Ras Al Khaimah along flat wadi beds, up a mountain with panoramic views, through UAE’s famous heritage mangroves with chance to see lovely flamingoes enjoying the water.

RAK Off-Roading Weekend Mangroves UAE

Expect to see stunning views with sunset seeping through panoramic mountain tops, pass an old mountain traditional settlement to explore and learn about UAE’s history of natural mangroves and their efforts to conserve them and the wildlife that inhabits them.

The road is almost always flat and graded, with a slight uphill as we start to climb the mountain. Further on, the gradient increases and the road gets a little bumpier with some drop-offs on the side, but as mountain tracks go, this is an easy one. This drive is suitable for those new to off-roading or those looking for a relaxing driving and camping weekend.

Please refer to recommended vehicles list below.

RAK Off-Roading Weekend Toyota UAE

We first meet at a petrol station near the start of the trail, fuel up and stock up on any last minute requirements for the weekend then proceed in convoy following lead vehicle.

Day 1

Will include up to 4 hours driving and a short 1hr hike before reaching our camping area. We will enjoy sunset camping on the mountain while a rustic BBQ is being set up with traditional Emirati cuisine including chickecn, rice and vegetables. Please bring your own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, camping chair & reusable cup/plate/knife/fork or let us know if you prefer to rent this from us.

Day 2

After a light breakfast, we take our camp down. A reminder that we abide by the ‘Leave No Trace’ rules where we take out everything we take in, as well as whatever we find along the way. Please do your part and join us in bringing a litter bag and leave our environment in a better shape than how we find it.

RAK Off-roading Weekend Jeep UAE

We continue for another 2-3 hours driving to the mangroves on the coast of Ras Al Khaimah where we may have the chance to enjoy flamingo, heron and waders in their natural habitat, before ending our off-roading journey. There is a lovely beach nearby and you may want to spend some extra time here swimming.

Recommended vehicles

Nissan (patrol, xterra), Toyota (fortuner, navara, FJ cruser, landcruiser, prado), Mitsubishi (pajero), Jeep (wrangler), Suzuki (Jimmy), Landrover (defender, discovery, LR3, LR4 - low profile tyres not recommended), Ford (ranger and F150), Mercedes (Gwagon).

*if your vehicle is not on the list, please email us with the make/model/year of manufacture and any other info.

*On rare occasions when wadi and mountain driving, some cars may sustain tyre damage. Adventure Quest & Xpedition Arabia are not responsible for your personal vehicle damage.

Your Guide

Emma Taylor


A total outdoor enthusiast, Emma has led a life of adventure since she was a teenager summiting Mt Meru at the age of 17 and going on to complete Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, and the Annapurna Circuit well before the age of 30. In 2019 Emma was introduced to the world of adventure racing & captained a team from UAE to compete in the Fiji Eco Challenge. Emma also works for UAE based charity organisation, Gulf for Good, as head of Marketing & Communications combining work with passion, whilst helping children in need.

Scuba Diving
Adventure Racing

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What is included

  BBQ dinner on the Friday night (traditional Emirati BBQ including chicken, rice & vegetables)

  Light breakfast for the Saturday morning

  Our commitment to global standards of keeping you safe during this activity

  Our dedication to preserving the environment by adhering to Leave No Trace principles

  An experienced hiking guide with mountain leader training + an off-roading guide with extensive 4x4 experience

  Experienced outdoor first aid responders and first aid kits

  Extensive risk assessments for the activity in line with best practice principles

  Insurance coverage for your involvement in this outdoor activity
( this does not include your personal vehicle insurance for the off-roading activity, which you must source yourself)

  Satellite phone and walkie talkies

  Outdoor education specific to your activity location

  A community sharing the inclusive love for the outdoors and wellbeing

  A chance to live wild, learn whole and explore freely

What to bring

Please see recommended vehicles above
A compressor and a tyre gauge if you have one
1 walkie talkie per car preferable (please contact us if you don’t have this)
Your preferable dinner requirements for Friday night if you don’t fancy rustic traditional Emirati BBQ*
Lunch, snacks for 2 days
Minimum 3L of water per day per person, rehydration tablets
Your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, camping chair) - Let us know if you would prefer to rent this from us.
Suitable wicking hiking clothes
Decent hiking boots or shoes with strong soles and ankle support
Sun protection
Swimwear and a towel in case you want to go in the ocean
An inclusive spirit, positive attitude and lots of smiles
* Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions and in the interest of everyone’s safety we will provide minimal food/beverages during this off-roading weekend. We advise you to bring your own to avoid disappointment.

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