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Corporate event organization and program (example)

This below represents an example of how we co-organize the event with our client and how a typical day event runs.


Crafting the event

  • After we receive a first enquiry, we will have one or more discussions with you and co-create the event together.

  • We will need to know from you the indicative nr of participants, the fitness levels, pick up and drop of locations, preferred timing any other detail that about your team composition, leaders, dynamics, etc.

  • We will then propose you some options with indicative costs, of what you can do, location and optionals (such as transportation, food, photographer, etc) for you to decide

  • Once you have chosen, we will then issue you an offer proposal with the details of the event and all the optional selected, for your confirmation.

  • Once you confirm and deposit an advance, we will commit our guides and save the date for you!


  • One or two week before the event, we start with organizing the details of thelogistics and organization.

  • We shall contact your POC and agree final number of participants, arrange the pick-up and drop off points, discuss details such as how many meals, veg/non-veg, etc

  • We will give you a full event schedule and a list of things that every participant must carry (e.g.: proper shoes, and clothes, hat, etc). You can share this with the participants and coordinate, but we are also happy to create a chat with all the participants to share the same details with them and receive questions and enquiries.

Event day program 

  • If you have opted for transportation, we will send our bus(es) to collect your team at your chosen location and pick up time

  • Once you reach the event location, our guides will welcome the participants and perform a safety briefing, gear check and route overview, plus take any questions or concern.

  • If you opted for a photo or videographer, we will also have a briefing with him/her to discuss your requirements, how photos and films will be taken, etc.

  • The event will then start, and we will organize our guide basis the group fitness levels, dynamics, and daily performance. Typically we have a lead guide in the front, a sweep guide at the back and extra assistants every 6-10 participants to make sure the group moves at pace, safety concerns are timely addressed and any issue is assisted. 

  • Once we achieve the end point, we will perform a close out briefing and greetings and if opted for a meal included, we will handout the food boxes and have dinner all together

After the event

  • We will have a debrief with your event organizer to check how the event went, address any concern and take away lesson learned.

  • If you opted for photos or videos, we will share links with shared folders where you can see and download the material from.

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