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Deep Water Solo

DWS is climbing a rock above deep water. In case you fall or jump down you'll just splash into the sea.
A fun day on a Dhow cruise, with lunch and other water sports.

Deep Water Solo

Deep Water Solo is something for everyone, all ages and fitness levels.
It involves climbing a rock above the sea and jump in it when we fall.

It is a full day activity on board of a Dhow cruise, departing from Dibba (Oman) in the morning and returning afternoon,.

Our guide will take the boat on places where there will be cliffs to climb above the water and guide you on how to approach this sport.

In the event is included your visa/border permit for Dibba, all activities: DWS, snorkeling, Banana Rides and Kayaking with lunch and all day refreshments.




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To join this activity, check our public events page here or book a private guide or instructor for your group

Priate Group

If you need any more information, feel free to contact us below.

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