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Wadi Hub Climbing 3

Rock Climbing
LEVEL 2 (Lead)

This is a course for climbers with a little experience that want to become an independent single pitch rock climber, able to lead and clean a route safely.


In this event you'll learn

  • How to lead-climb safely

  • Hot to place lead gear (such as quick draws and slings)

  • How to belay a lead

  • Falling techniques and belay a falling lead

  • How to recover the rope and set a new route

  • Equipment maintenance

  • How to fold the rope

  • How to chose the right equipment


You have some basic experience (outdoor or indoor) with climbing.

You can belay a partner and tie a figure 8 knot.

Any fitness level is accepted. Climbing is a sport for every age, gender or weight.

Some medical preconditions apply (contact us to discuss this).

To join this activity, check our public events page here or book a private guide or instructor for your group

Priate Group

If you need any more information, feel free to contact us below.

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